Our Philosophy

Söden was founded on the values of quality, simplicity and an experience at home that would otherwise require a spa visit.

We understand that the cosmetics aisle can sometimes be overwhelming for men, with hundreds of different products to chose from.

Our mission was to create high quality all-in-one kits for men based on their skin type, to make personalized skincare accessible to all men globally.

Like many of our customers, we were tired of mediocre products that overpromised and underdelivered, leaving our skin worse than before.

We truly believe in our products, which is why we offer your first month completely free.

If you aren't completely satisfied after your first month with Söden then you can cancel at anytime.

Most of our clients choose to remain on the subscription, as they fall in love with the Söden experience.

Our products contain no artificial colouring or fragrances, and we are 100% against animal testing.